Below are some general prices that you might expect of your project.

These prices include shipping, taxes, demo, and installation. These prices do not include paint or drywall repair.

Master Closet 4 Walls$2,000-$5,000
Master Closet 2 Walls$1,200-$2,500
Other rooms: offices, media rooms, mud rooms$1,500-$5,000

Pictures and prices below can vary. Discounts, and material costs can also change the price of the closet. The pictures and prices below are just an example of our prices, and are not a guarantee of price for your project.

Full Master Closet

All 4 walls and installation with hanging, drawers, shoe shelves, and regular shelves. This project came out to: $2026.00

Small Pantry – Celling Height

We ran this small pantry to the ceiling and added a couple of baskets. The price on this came out to: $1158.35

Simple 2 wall closet

This simple 2 wall closet with mostly hanging and 1 section of shelving came out to: $1050.00

2 Wall Master

This two wall master closet with 1 section of drawers came out to: $1625.00

Walk-In Pantry

This walk in pantry with a middle section for baskets and countertop came out to: $2200.00

Master Closet Walk-In

This master closet walk-in with plenty of drawers, box pullouts, hanging, laundry basket and more came out to: $2350.00